Welcome to the website of our company: ‘Michael Koukakis – Creta Technic’, that is present for 35 years in the field of security and weighing. By building security safes of different types with different levels of security, and being active in the field of weighing and dosing constructing scales, weighbridges, and marketing tech precision scales, our company dynamically continues its course in the market today. Representing a philosophy where research is important, modern technology, absolute expertise and stable quality, are guaranteed by our company addressed to all of you with seriousness, respect and full support for every product you buy from us. Along with our manufacturing capacity we have one of the most modern mechanical engineering with punched, scissors, pantograph, etc. and machines that enable us to undertake the processing of iron and the metal trade black, stainless steel, galvanized, hollow sections and other steel types. The experience we have enables us to undertake special metal structures such as container construction. On our pages you will find a complete list of our products.

• Weighbridges
• Floor scales
• Single-point scale
• Safe of heavy type
• Steel Tanks and Tanks Networks